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What is Celine Beyond?

The Celine Beyond movement is about creating immersive projects that inspire massive physical action. We want to change the world by using sound to make good acoustics as common as clean drinking water.


Why do we need it?

The rapid increases in urban density and the growth of cities has left human hearing far behind. The first skyscraper was built less than 150 years ago, and now we have metropolitan areas with more than 10 million people. Our ears and limbic brain are still comparatively primitive that haven’t changed much. Our subconscious naturally started picking up all the extra noise as danger. Our brain has adjusted by filtering noise out and essentially making us numb to the beauty of everyday sound.

What can we do?

By creating innovative new experiences, we want to make sound personal again. A good sound ecosystem is as big a part of our identity as anything else, yet improvements to our sound environment have been severely neglected. Revolutionizing environmental acoustics is fun, but it isn’t easy. We need your help.


We need you!

Cultivating an environment that humanizes sound beyond everyday noise is going to take some serious creativity and passion. Join our mission with some of the best talent to change the way people look at sound.


Some of the reasons we need to act.

Icon edu 50%

50% of children cannot hear teachers from the 4th row in a typical classroom.

Icon noise 1No

Noise is the No. 1 most frequent cause of disputes among neighbours in Singapore.

Icon car 1M

Europeans lose 1 million years of healthy life due to traffic related noise.

Icon work 16K

16,000 construction noise complaints per year in Singapore.

Icon comp 30%

30% of employees in open plan offices are dissatisfied with noise.

Icon food 2ND

Noise is the 2nd most common complaint in restaurants.

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New events will be announced really soon!

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    • 19 Sep 2016 — 19 Sep 2016

    Connecting with the Human Soul: Free Tea Giveaway @ Raffles Place MRT


    There is no connection better than the connecting with the human soul! Many times we go out and face the difficulties of this world often facing trials and difficulties. A tea giveaway wasn't so much about the Tea being little or no value but rather the act of sharing FREES us from ourselves. A simple task of a simple free tea giveaway can turn so many heads around and can encourage us to do more. The world tells us we are not enough, in choosing to do to focus on them rather than the human race. It doesn't mean we don't triumph over victories or challenge ourselves to become the best we can. Connecting with the human soul can be a challenging one but once you realise how beautiful it is, there's no turning back. That's why the Celine Beyond team decided to head out on a particular Wednesday afternoon, to reach out to Singaporeans in the Central Business District and the Celine Beyond team is there to disrupt the status quo by challenging everyone to share one bottle of tea with a random person on the street. Sponsored by Guru Fresh Break, a simple tea with a deep philosophy is truly what makes this challenge an apt one. Imagine this, it's a busy Wednesday afternoon, people are rushing in and out of the offices and heading to lunch and the Celine Beyond goes out to disrupt the norms of all Singaporeans by engaging them to build up one another. Method The idea was simple, we pass you 2 bottles of tea and with those two, you have got to share 1 while you keep one for yourself. The result Many Singaporeans desire connection with the human soul but we often connect ourselves to things that don't really matter or that brings us limited happiness. The event ended as we participated in this free tea giveaway as we took the first step to connecting with the human soul. We gathered new BEYONDERS as they dared to take the first step and go beyond their comfort zone. The Celine Beyond team is out to look for more BEYONDERS who dare to go out and make a difference in this world. We are ready when you are.

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